Learn volleyball fundamentals, improve your skills or make the transition to the game of beach volleyball!

Beach Volleyball Academy clinics, camps and competitive clubs are held year round on a “per session” basis for all ages and skill levels. There is no better way to improve your skills, learn the beach game, get in great shape and have fun doing it!

Each session is tailored to the abilities of each athlete, and the entire group.

During each session, we will cover:

  • The Serve
  • The Bump
  • The Set
  • The Spike
  • Defence
  • Strategy
  • Team Communication
  • Preparing for a Match
  • Attitude
  • Fitness & Conditioning
  • Equipment & Clothing.


Beachwear ~ Cap & Sunglasses (optional) ~ Sun screen ...lots of it! (at the beach) ~ That´s it!!!

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Summer Outdoor Programs

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